Vocational training

Ten professions

Nurturing the talents of tomorrow is a key priority within the CPH Group. Ten apprentices from operating sites in Switzerland and Germany report on their experiences during their vocational training.

Plant operator

Sharujan Uthayakumar: “My work involves unrolling and rolling the films, and I operate some of the machinery, too. What I like about the job is how varied it is. My uncle also worked here at Perlen Packaging, and he told me a lot about the company.”

Commercial officer

Elisabeth Frick: “The great thing for me about my training is getting to know so many different departments and being challenged in constantly new ways. What I also appreciate about Perlen Packaging is that we always work in a team, that everyone’s so helpful and that we have flexible working hours.”

‘Verdia’ commercial officer

Jasmin Kaufmann: “What’s special about the Verdia training is that you get to go to England for six months in your second apprenticeship year and do your C1 there. With its strong focus on English, it’s a really useful training course if you want to work in an international company.”

Logistics officer

Haris Ibrahimovic: “In the morning we process the orders and load the paper rolls, ensuring they’re well placed on the trucks and rail wagons in weight and volume terms. The afternoons we may spend making space for further rolls. I’ve enjoyed working at Perlen Papier right from the start – especially because it’s such a modern company.”

Automation engineer

Jennifer Brügger: “I decided to become an automation engineer because I like working independently. It’s all a matter of applying what you’ve learnt at vocational school in the practical work environment. And at the end of the day you can really see what you’ve accomplished.”

Chemical lab technician

Jannis Dotz: “The chemical lab technician training provides a good foundation that you can build on. There are career opportunities within the lab; or it can serve as a basis for further studies. The challenges in my job are to be flexible, and to be willing to take on responsibilities.”

Computer scientist

Timo Sarkar: “My day-to-day job is all about supporting other CPH Group employees around the world and maintaining our IT infrastructure. Given the current digital transformation, it’s one that has very good career prospects. But it does mean you have to keep yourself constantly familiar with all the new technologies.”

Paper technologist

Valeria Hegi: “My training is very diverse and covers so many aspects of paper production. By the end of it, I’ll have gained a good insight into pretty much every department. This also lets you find out what you like doing most and then specialize in that.”


Markus Marty: “I came to Perlen Papier for my training because it teaches me not just production work but maintenance and servicing, too. I see my future career in mechanical engineering. And the training that I’m getting here gives me the ideal foundation for that.”

Production mechanic

Yanick Ineichen: “Perlen Papier is unique, because it’s Switzerland’s only paper manufacturer. That’s why I decided to do my vocational training here. As early as your second apprenticeship year they have you servicing motors and transmissions, and doing shutdown work, too.”