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Lighter newsprint, major benefits

The first batch of the new lighter newsprint stands ready for delivery

For Wolfgang Bucher, Perlen Papier’s Head of Marketing & Sales, customer needs and products are the number one priorities. He achieved a particular highlight in his work in summer 2023: “In August we delivered the first 500 tonnes of our newly developed extremely light newsprint product.”

With the launch of its new light newsprint product, Perlen Papier proved its credentials once again in 2023 as the manufacturer of high-quality publication paper for markets in Switzerland and adjacent parts of neighbouring countries. In the past, for physical, haptic and optical reasons, the minimum weight of newsprint has been some 40 grams per square metre. Perlen Papier’s new product, however, weighs just 38 grams. “The reduction has been achieved by using less fibrous material,” Wolfgang Bucher, Head of Marketing & Sales, explains. “But the new paper still has to pass through all the processes – our paper machine, our reeling and the customer’s print machines and further processing steps – cleanly and tear-free. And that, of course, requires us to give it a number of key properties that call on all of our paper-making expertise.”

Provided the customer feedback is positive, Perlen Papier plans to develop even lighter newsprint products. Lighter paper translates into cost savings for the customer, not least because the costs of distributing their final newspaper and magazine products are dependent on the weights of the transports involved. Lower newsprint weights also mean that Perlen Papier’s customer gets more printable surface per tonne, to provide more content. “And last but by no means least,” concludes Wolfgang Bucher, “lighter paper has an even better environmental footprint.”

The PM7, one of highest performance paper machines in the world

The finished new paper product