Sustainability in Packaging

Easy to process and reusable, too

PVC is a resources-saving plastic whose basic raw materials are derived 57% from salt and 43% from oil. PVC is used in the pharmaceutical industry – always without plasticizers – to produce packaging for tablets and capsules. Plastic is preferred because it is chemically resistant, remains inert when in direct contact with medicinal agents and is easy to work and shape. The PVC is coated with PVdC to protect against humidity, and it can be easily recycled, too.

Switched on to “eco-power”

The division’s production plant in Müllheim (Germany) has been ISO 50001 certificated for its energy use, and now obtains all its electricity from sustainably generated “eco-power” sources.

Vinylplus: promoting PVC recycling

Perlen Packaging has been a member since 2011 of “Vinylplus”, a Europewide industry initiative which has set itself the goal of recycling 900 000 tonnes of PVC by 2025.

Waste PVC reworked into cores

The Packaging Division takes a range of actions to maximize its PVC and PVdC utilization levels in the production of its films. Any waste PVC that cannot be reused in such production is reworked into cores onto which the films can be rolled.

Teaming up to conserve the biosphere

The apprentices at Perlen Packaging spent a week in 2019 helping two Swiss mountain farmers in their daily work, joining forces to attend to the fields and the hedges in the steep terrain and thereby help conserve the look and the culture of the alpine landscape.